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Do you need help increasing your brand's online presence on Instagram? Are you tired of creating engaging stories that don't get enough views? Do you want to attract more potential customers to your profile and increase your web traffic visitors? If so, buy Automatic Instagram Story Views from SMM-Heaven. SMM Heaven is a premium quality service that delivers effective package deals to help you buy automatic Instagram story views and improve your brand's reach among a vast digital audience worldwide. This article will explain the benefits of buying automatic Instagram story views and why SMM Heaven is the best choice for your social media marketing campaigns.

What's the difference?


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  • High-Quality Views
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  • High-Quality Views
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  • High-Quality Views
  • No Password is Needed
  • Instant Delivery
  • Real Views
  • 24/7 Support

Buy Automatic Instagram Story Views

Instagram Story Views have become increasingly popular in Social Media Marketing (SMM). Buying Instagram story views can help businesses efficiently reach their target audience and increase their visibility on the platform. is one of the most popular and established websites for buying Automatic Instagram Story Views. offers unique plans for you to buy Automatic Instagram Story Views, allowing customers to buy what's best for their brand. All packages are reasonably priced and hold the highest quality for the products. When you buy Instagram Story Views from, you can be sure of the outcomes—you want to make sure your money is well spent and that the right people will see your story.

Unlike other websites, offers Instagram Story Views that can be delivered to desktop or mobile users at no extra charge. You can also choose between manual and automated story views delivery, which is the best way to ensure your specific audience sees your story. 

All packages on come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can trust that you will get the exact number of story views you purchased. Furthermore, takes payment security seriously, allowing customers to make their payments securely without any risk of fraud.

Whether your brand is small or large, is the perfect place to Buy Automatic Instagram Story Views. Automatic story views are essential in reaching out to new customers and creating brand awareness. Furthermore, they help engage your current customers with your story, increasing their chances of buying your product or service. is the best platform to enable your account to reach its maximum potential, with no effort needed from you.

What is Instagram Stories, and how do they affect promotion?

Instagram Stories are short video reports. They are displayed in the feed for no more than 24 hours, after which they are automatically deleted. In the Instagram mobile app, Stories are displayed at the top of the screen, so the user involuntarily pays attention to them. In the browser, they also stand out from other publications, which means that even users who use the social network on a PC will pay attention to the update.

Instagram stories are a great opportunity:

  • Remind yourself. The same type of posts and articles get boring, and short videos make Instagram content more diverse. Moreover, the Stories format allows you to experiment with the theme, content, and design.
  • To attract additional attention. Users are only sometimes ready to spend time reading long posts or viewing photos. Watching short videos is much more convenient and accessible. This explains their popularity.
  • Convey the necessary information. One story lasts only 15 seconds, but there may be several short videos. It takes a little time to create content, while the number of users who will get acquainted with it is extensive, especially given the keen interest in such a format.

Buying Instagram Story Views cheaply from SMM-Heaven is an opportunity to captivate users, which will entail additional interest in the account. Get ready because, after buying our services, the number of visits and views of the account will increase. If the page matches the viewer's preferences, they can become a regular subscriber.

Why should you buy automatic Instagram story views?

Enhance Your Reputation: For individual accounts, Instagram stories can help build your reputation among your followers and keep them engaged and connected to your profile. For business profiles, Instagram story views determine the quality of your brand, service, and product. The more story views you get. The more likely people are to trust and remember your brand.

Promote Your Products or Services: Buying automatic Instagram story views is the most brilliant way to promote and launch any new product or service and build an instant client base among your followers. When you buy automatic Instagram story views, the number of views on your post increases, improving your profile's online strength and building trust among other users.

Expand Your Reach: Social media is a chain network. An appealing story on your Instagram profile will reach your followers and travel to their followers and other social media sites, and the chain goes on and on. This can help your brand to become a familiar name among a massive audience worldwide.

⏬ Minimum Price From $0.31
⏫ Maximum PriceTo $280.00
⚙️ Automatic ViewsIn Stock
✈️ Delivery TimeFrom 3 minutes
⭐ GuaranteeReal People

Why select SMM Heaven to buy Automatic Instagram Story Views?

Premium Quality Service: SMM Heaven delivers a premium quality service to enhance the value of our service. We work with a computerized system that detects any new story posted on your profile and works to increase the number of views on it.

Instant Delivery and Visible Results: Our service starts as soon as you buy Automatic Instagram story views from SMM Heaven. Within a brief span, you will notice the count of story views increasing drastically on your newly added story.

Instant Work: Our service will quickly increase the views of your powerful story and raise it to the top of the list to promptly attract customers from a specific location (specified geolocation). Your publications will go to the city's top or the whole country!

Strong Flow: The first places in the list of city stories will bring a strong flow of active targeted users with very high conversion rates. Instagram Stories 2022 is one of the most popular services for account promotion!

Fast Traffic: The more impressions you order, the higher your story will be displayed to all users of the location (geolocation) you specify, and the more traffic will view your story.

24/7 Technical Help Desk Service Available: We have a technical customer service help desk available for all our clients 24/7. If you face any issues or have any queries or complaints about our service, you can always chat or call our help desk and get them cleared immediately.

Secured and Real Story Views: SMM Heaven is a renowned and certified company, and we work with complete honesty and dedication. We ensure your credentials like password, email, and bank details are never leaked out and are safely kept with us. Moreover, we never use fake profiles and rely on natural and live user profiles to increase Instagram followers and story views.

There are other advantages of buying Automatic Instagram Story Views:

  1. Statistics are improved safely. Instagram algorithms are attentive to sudden changes in the number of subscribers, comments, or Instagram likes. To make audience growth look natural, you need to combine different tools and use them in order. Most importantly, you should trust reliable services that consider the promotion algorithms in social networks.
  2. The account stands out from other subscriptions. Imagine that a user is subscribed to 100-200 profiles, and each regularly publishes posts. Viewing Stories takes less time than searching for exciting publications. Besides, it is perceived as lighter content. Thanks to the cheat, Instagram algorithms see interest in the account and display it more often in the feed, promoting it to the top positions.
  3. The user must perform a targeted action to view Instagram Story – open it. The post appears in the feed automatically without the subscriber's participation. Viewing Stories for Instagram algorithms are considered user activity, which increases the chances of getting into recommendations.
  4. The content that is broadcast in Stories seems unobtrusive. In the modern world, users love and appreciate freedom of action. That is why the Stories format evokes such a response.

SMM Heaven is a renowned and certified company, and we work with complete honesty and dedication. We ensure your credentials like password, email, and bank details are never leaked out and are safely kept with us. Moreover, we never use fake profiles and rely on real and live user profiles to increase Instagram followers and story views.

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to buy Instagram story views?

It's completely easy. Check the pricing table below the page, choose the suitable option for you and click "Buy Now", then Sign Up in order to get access to our services.

2 Can you buy Instagram story views?

Yes! With excellent services of SMM-Heaven you can get Instagram story views cheap and achieve new heights for yor brand or account.

3 Is it safe to buy Instagram story views?

Completely yes. Instagram wouldn't ban you for this. Buy cheap Instagram story views with PayPal, Credit Card, Stripe, Payoneer or Coinbase.

4 Can someone steal my account or accesss to my personal details?

The answer is simple - No. We don't ask you for password or any personal information about your account. Be sure that you are in safety.

5 Where to buy Instagram story views?

Choose SMM-Heaven, cheapest SMM Panel for individuals and ressellers!


Customer Reviews & Experience

John Mclean

I'm really impressed with SMM-Heaven's service and commitment to their customers. I'm a big fan of Instagram and the ability to post stories to this social media platform is a big part of my business. I've tried other SMM platforms that haven't been as good as SMM-Heaven. I've also tried other platforms that are cheaper but don't have the same quality of service as I experienced with SMM-Heaven.

Bella West

I really like Instagram as a social media platform, but I would like to have more views on my stories. I'm looking for the best and cheapest way to do that. I was searching the net and I came across SMM-Heaven. It is the best for me because of low prices, instant delivery, safety, and high quality.

Kameron Cobb

I have just bought Instagram story views and I am really happy with the views I have been able to get. It works really well and the views are really good quality. I would recommend SMM Heaven to anyone looking to buy Instagram story views.

Lily Woods

I am so happy, today I can finally buy real instagram story views for my page. I have tried more than 10 websites that are delivering instagram story views. But most of them are only delivering fake instagram story views. And they don't provide any guarantees.SMM-Heaven is the best and cheapest SMM panel I have used.