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Buying Youtube subscribers is well-known to successful streamers and bloggers. The largest video hosting in the world has long turned into a reliable platform for earning money. In terms of profitability and popularity, it is compared with well-known media.

Many successful bloggers on social networks are recognized by many in person, and owners of popular video blogs order well-paid advertising. Young people are attracted to YouTube as an inexhaustible source of passive income that does not require special skills or knowledge. A paid increase in viewers allows you to promote a new project super-fast and become a YouTube star.

What is the essence of buying Youtube subscribers for money: it's better for free?

Before ordering YouTube subscribers for money, many newcomers try to win the attention of a discerning audience on their own. This budget, but quite a long way, provides for several activities:

  • optimization of videos — choosing the right words for the title and description;
  • Increase in clickability — a competent choice of screen saver and attention-grabbing headlines;
  • active commenting — studying competitor channels and publishing exciting comments under the video to attract an audience to your video blog;
  • E-mail newsletter - collecting a database of users who are interested in the subject of your project and regularly sending e-mails with an active link to the promoted YouTube channel;
  • Creating a community is enough to collect 1,000 users yourself or redirect traffic from social networks.

The cheapest subscribers, as in any other social network, are users attracted through contests. To increase the audience, conducting sweepstakes on social networks is recommended using your groups or thematic communities.

These and other ways of attracting new participants are effective if there is start-up capital and good experience. However, not everyone can boast of the appropriate knowledge and the presence of an impressive amount of money. To save time and money, it is better to order subscribers to YouTube from professionals.

When is it more expedient to buy YouTube subscribers?

The main problem that newcomers often face is competition. Even if there is high-quality content and unique material, only a few can see it. For users to reach out to the new YouTube channel, it must be actively promoted and competently advertised.

Events that an inexperienced user spends months or even years on take only a few minutes for real professionals. Independent promotion of the channel by bots often takes up all the free time of the owner of the video blog. Many people give up such an occupation after a couple of months. Only a tiny percentage of bloggers finish the job, which is often explained by a massive share of luck.

In which cases will the paid YouTube subscribers be valuable:

  • The need to quickly promote the channel, break into the TOP, and enter monetization, primarily if you work in a highly competitive niche (makeup, reviews, reactions, etc.).
  • Maintaining an image (politics, media, celebrities, famous bloggers, brands, etc.).
  • Receive income from Adsense (the channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of views).

Especially carefully and thoughtfully, you should wind up subscribers if you plan to enter monetization — in this case, the account will be checked carefully.

Why should you buy YouTube Subscribers? 

High-Quality Youtube subscribers for a fee allow you to regulate the process of channel development:

  • Transparent work — you know exactly what you are buying for money: you independently determine the number and quality of subscribers, get a service with a guarantee;
  • Activity on your video blog - outsiders are not interested in where the subscribers to YouTube came from and who exactly comments on the videos (the project must be in demand!);
  • Control of the entire process from the very beginning to the end — you always know what results from the service you are paying for will bring (comments, subscribers, likes), so you will anticipate many moments in advance;
  • Guarantee of results — even the cheapest subscribers on a high-quality resource can benefit the channel;
  • Cost — our online service works without intermediaries, so we offer low prices and high quality.

How to make a profit from a channel and video by buying YouTube subscribers: monetization

The more views, the more revenue. This rule for owners of video blogs works flawlessly on all social networks.

The number of subscribers affects the reputation of your YouTube platform among advertisers. Many of them estimate the number of participants, the average number of views, the level of audience engagement, and feedback. As a result, a budget and a commercial offer are formed.

For some advertisers, the counter number is the main argument for placing ads on the YouTube channel. The number of hours of views and users determines whether monetization can be enabled. Options such as the "Community" tab and the ability to broadcast from a mobile device are tied to a certain number of participants.

Five ways to make money on YouTube

YouTube has five options for monetizing the channel and videos of this social network:

  1. Advertising is direct, native, and integrated. Someone chooses the income from advertisements broadcast in the video by Youtube itself (mini-videos are integrated into the video automatically). On the other hand, someone cooperates with advertisers directly. In the first case, the income depends on how willingly the audience watches videos selected by Youtube algorithms; in the second — as you agree (top bloggers receive up to 3 million for advertising integration).
  2. Sponsorship (donations and subscriptions). Some bloggers offer their subscribers a paid subscription every month. You can motivate with early access to videos, additional "closed" videos, personal communication, mentions in videos, access to private chats, etc.
  3. Merch. Another common way to earn money on YouTube is through Souvenirs and merch with channel symbols. Cups, stickers, stickers on laptops, phone cases, clothes — which is good for what.
  4. Superchats and superstikers. You can offer super stickers and access to super chat for donations in live broadcasts.
  5. YouTube Premium. This is an automatic income from viewers who have a paid subscription. You will receive payments for views of all videos that meet the requirements of YouTube.

Who and why is it profitable to buy subscribers to a YouTube channel?

Channel owners who plan to become famous or find passive income prefer to buy YouTube subscribers. Only some agree to spend years creating engaging, high-quality content without giving back. Sometimes, the video "shoots" on its own, but waiting for such a result will take a long time. This is why many talented guys give up their favorite businesses.

By launching a paid YouTube subscribers service, you will save time and be able to make a profit immediately. The promotion of the project begins with the payment of the order, so you can opt out of using other tools for account development, including paid ones.

Our clients:

  • creative personalities seeking to conquer show business;
  • novice bloggers;
  • owners of promoted YouTube projects;
  • political figures;
  • owners of beauty salons and online stores.

Buying YouTube subscribers cheap allows you to promote the channel and gain a large audience in the shortest time. Activity on the site helps media personalities attract attention to themselves or increase their rating.

For companies engaged in the sale of various goods, it is safe to get subscribers with a guarantee becomes an excellent marketing tool. A potential customer will quickly gain confidence in a service or product by seeing a lot of likes or positive comments under the video.

For small entrepreneurs, buying an audience is a cheap way to advertise their services. The user, having seen the loyalty to the YouTube channel, will want to take advantage of the offer.

What types of subscribers can be ordered for a YouTube channel

The prominent promotion of Youtube involves the use of bots and offers.

Bots are subscribers who are not real people. They don't leave likes or write comments. The main task of bots is to attract interest through quantity. A user who sees a YouTube platform with many subscribers perceives it as severe and exciting. After the first stages of promotion, bots are considered useless.

Offers are necessary for reposts, comments, and likes. These are live YouTube subscribers, without which your project cannot remain dynamic. Offers are considered a mandatory element of promotion. Experts do not use methods that can lead to account blocking. The result of the promotion is the hit of the YouTube platform at the TOP of the search results. This result is achieved thanks to competently constructed work and an understanding of the basic rules of ranking.

The best way to buy YouTube subscribers is using our SMM Panel services. They are the ones that confirm the presence of high-quality content on the site. The opportunity to buy 1,000 subscribers allows you to get support from the YouTube metric and increase the attractiveness of your project not only in the eyes of the target audience but also advertisers.

What determines the cost of Youtube promotion:

The cost of buying real youtube subscribers depends on some factors:

  • The quality of the audience (buying bots is cheaper than attracting offers and real people with active accounts);
  • deadline and the degree of readiness of the channel to buy subscribers;
  • the need to target the audience by specific characteristics — age, list of interests, gender, marital status, region, etc.;
  • The tariff plan of the service you apply to promote your channel.

The most expensive will be real subscribers on Youtube, selected for the parameters set by the customer.

What are the benefits of buying YouTube Subscribers?

You can choose the package that suits you best in terms of price and number of subscribers. Or immediately contact our support service for advice if you are interested in a package with a different number of users not represented in our catalog — we will consider the possibility of servicing on an individual basis.

Our service forms the most active target audience without registration and tasks for the customer. Buy 10000 youtube subscribers, which will give more tangible results when promoting. After payment, you are guaranteed a quick launch of the project. The larger the package, the cheaper the cost of one subscriber will be and the more profitable it is to buy real YouTube subscribers cheaply with our YouTube SMM Panel.

When you buy subscribers for Youtube, can subscribers be dropped off from the account?

Some users noticed the write-off of resources. This is a problem faced by video bloggers who independently increase their target audience. The main reason for write-offs is the presence of inactive accounts among subscriptions. It is impossible to influence this process.

Accounts that have not visited their own YouTube sites for six months or more are subject to write-offs. Users who have lost interest in the channel during the same period can also be written off.

How to avoid the drop-off of paid YouTube subscribers

It is worth considering that it will not be possible to avoid write-offs. Some users may be written off naturally if they have not been interested in your channel for a long time. To keep subscribers on the YouTube channel, create exciting content and study the instructions with the requirements for videos and recommendations for their optimization.

The surest way to keep the audience as much as possible is to buy real subscribers on YouTube. Our cheapest YouTube subscribers SMM Panel offers 100% natural and non-drop users. Before adding paid subscribers, you can make the first ones yourself — with the help of friends or relatives.

Minimize the risks of buying YouTube subscribers

The essence is in the maximum naturalness of changes:

  • The natural rate of audience growth. It is necessary to add signatories in small batches. This way, you will not harm the channel and can test the quality of accounts on your own experience. Young channels should not increase by more than 30-50 people per day. Large and promoted ones should also adhere to the framework, although they are more expansive — up to 100-200 subscribers per day. We also do not recommend allowing sudden spikes in activity. There should be a short pause between orders.
  • Balance and proportions — by winding up subscribers, also take care of a proportional increase in views, likes, and comments. Wind up these indicators evenly and gradually under the appearance of new videos. On average, there are 5-10 views per follower and 20-60 views per like. You can focus on these average indicators.
  • High-quality content — without it, you will have only a temporary effect because its goal is to attract real subscribers who will see and appreciate your work.

How to promote your video to the TOP of YouTube?

Many factors affect the hit of the video at the TOP of YouTube. One of them is high-quality content. It confirms:

  • The rapid growth in the number of views;
  • Increase in the number of subscribers;
  • The popularity of the project itself.

The titles and descriptions of the videos corresponding to the request help to promote the videos.

The selection of keywords is still considered necessary, but they do not matter much — algorithms have learned to read the meaning of video content without them. But optimization is still used, do not neglect it, and you - it gives, even if not as severe as previously thought, an advantage. To do this, a list of queries is generated by which users will search for videos. It is enough to choose 5-10 words.

Today, buying Youtube subscribers means taking a confident step to the TOP because the number of views, shares, and comments affects the ranking of videos more than ever. At the same time, views are tied to ratings, and ratings depend on the number of likes, which depend on the number of subscribers — this is a vicious circle, which will be broken by competent cheating.

What else can we advise from the current:

  • The world's most significant video hosting algorithms prefer long videos and raise them above short ones. The average duration of video recordings on the site's first page is about 15 minutes.
  • Calls for subscriptions and activity under the video will help raise the video's rating. Yes, it still works! Moreover, the number of videos after which new subscribers appear on the YouTube channel rise higher.
  • HD videos dominate the YouTube search — about 70% of this format is on the first page.

How else to attract subscribers?

In addition to the opportunity to order YouTube subscribers on our service, the owners of video blogs have many other options to attract users.

One of them is paid advertising via social networks. You can promote a video blog through third-party services that offer a similar service.

No less compelling is a teaser video that can interest and attract participants to the account. It should be short and viral to catch the audience and encourage them to switch to the channel.

Additional options to attract subscribers to YouTube:

  • Regular publication of high-quality content.
  • Participation in mutual subscription communities.
  • Distribution of links to your channel with a call to subscribe — in social networks, bulletin boards, and profile forums.
  • Don't forget about feedback — communicate with your audience, respond to comments — be closer.

What should I do to prevent the channel from being banned?

For the channel not to be banned, videos posted on the YouTube account should not:

  • be sexual;
  • to call for deliberately dangerous actions, for example, rooting or hooking (extreme posing on the roofs of buildings and passing outside trains, respectively);
  • Contain discriminatory statements;
  • Prevent the dismemberment of internal organs or blood;
  • Carry threats, intimidation, and insults;
  • infringe copyright;
  • Disclose confidential or personal information of third parties;
  • To call for fraudulent actions or spam (distribute links to sites with malware, financial pyramids, pirates, and other evil spirits).

It is possible to block accounts whose owners impersonate another person, including a famous blogger, a star, or a politician.

The simplest and most obvious thing is to carefully study the rules of the YouTube community and the user agreement and follow the rules.

Important! Cheating indicators and subscribers, including by itself, can already lead to account blocking. Therefore, it is vital to turn to experienced specialists who will ensure a natural increase in the audience that does not arouse suspicion from the site's algorithms, competitors, or ordinary users.

Where to buy YouTube Subscribers: choosing a platform

The presence of a limited budget for a novice blogger can easily explain the desire to buy YouTube subscribers cheaply. However, to avoid throwing the last money to the wind, it is crucial to choose a quality service.

We offer some simple tips that will help you decide where to buy Youtube subscribers and not regret it:

  1. Check how secure it is to place an order on the selected online service — whether the Internet connection is protected (there should be a lock icon in the address bar), what authentication is on the site, whether there is a guarantee of confidentiality, etc.
  2. Evaluate how flexible the range of services is and how they are described in detail — is everything clear about the service you are ordering?
  3. Service level — how the support service works, whether the managers are competent. This is a separate important topic since some sites sin with promises of instant markups of subscribers on Youtube, which, as you understand, threatens to be blocked.
  4. Is there a choice of tariffs for different needs and budgets?

Alternatively, order a trial minimum of subscribers on several profile sites and compare the effect — compliance of the actual results with those stated in the description of services, deadlines, and percentage of unsubscriptions.

Important! Do not order subscribers to YouTube on different sites simultaneously — this will complicate the evaluation and selection of the best offer and may also threaten sanctions due to sudden spikes in activity because services will wind up resources autonomously.

We recommend our SMM-Heaven service, where you can buy cheap subscribers to a Youtube channel of any scale and subject. The price list contains various offers that allow you to increase the number of the audience on attractive terms.

Why SMM-Heaven is the best SMM Panel for YouTube Subscribers

Buy cheap YouTube subscribers to your channel through our SMM Panel services and promote a project of any subject with minimal investment. Experienced specialists will help you effectively and quickly achieve high performance, increase audience coverage and bring the channel to the TOP of the search results for the queries of interest.

We follow the rules of video hosting, so we will attract active people to bring the video blog to the highest possible positions.

We have different promotion rates available, among which you can choose the appropriate option, considering your goals and financial capabilities.

Even the most budget package includes all the functions necessary for successful promotion.