Buy cheap YouTube likes and dislikes

The first step of becoming a celebrity or promoting your business is posting a video. However, to get credibility and recognition, you require the likes of the public. Achieving this might take months and years. However, buying YouTube video likes from SMM-Heaven will save you from a lot of struggle.

What's the difference?


  • High-Quality Likes
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Worldwide Audience
  • SSL/Secure Payment
  • 24/7 Support


  • High-Quality Likes
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Worldwide Audience
  • SSL/Secure Payment
  • 24/7 Support


  • High-Quality Likes
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Worldwide Audience
  • SSL/Secure Payment
  • 24/7 Support


  • High-Quality Likes
  • Fastest Delivery
  • Worldwide Audience
  • SSL/Secure Payment
  • 24/7 Support

Buy likes on YouTube at a low price

Video bloggers who have successfully promoted their Youtube channel receive generous remuneration from Google, allowing them to do what they love professionally. If you want to do the same but don’t know where to start monetizing your channel, then buying more likes on Youtube videos will be the optimal solution.

How do likes affect channel promotion?

The “thumbs up” under the video is an international expression of approval and sympathy that has taken root in all social networks. The popularity of the video blog reflects the number of views and likes on the video. At the initial stage, these factors are more important than the number of subscribers who have not yet had time to appear. Thanks to the “thumbs up,” your channel will be noticed, attracting real views and first subscribers, and blog statistics will begin to grow exponentially.

To accelerate the growth of the popularity of the blog, you can buy YouTube likes in a specialized service. SMM-Heaven is the best choice because we have created optimal conditions for promoting novice bloggers, and the price for 100 pieces is only $ 3.59.

Why do you need to buy likes for YouTube?

At the initial stage of the blog’s existence, it is impossible to attract a large audience even with the newest and most exciting content since the video will not be ranked in the search. It turns out to be the same vicious circle in which famous bloggers become even more popular, and newcomers can’t get around for years. In this case, we advise you to order likes on Youtube, which will be an impulse to attract even more real Youtube likes and attract subscribers.

Buying YouTube likes is an artificial creation of an activity that simulates the genuine interest of users. Hyped likes for YouTube are no different from ordinary ones if made correctly. The SMM-Heaven SMM Panel service will help you add likes to the video and bring the video to the top of recommendations with their help.

Reasons to buy likes on YouTube videos for promotion

There is more than one reason to buy YouTube likes:

  • Channel development from scratch when there is no natural ranking due to the lack of subscribers and views;
  • Promotion of a channel that is developing slower than planned;
  • Bringing the channel to the top for its further monetization;
  • Attracting a new audience in the presence of a “frozen” old one;
  • Promote a specific video, for example, a targeted or promo one.

The key reason to buy likes on YouTube is to promote a blog with minimal effort quickly.

Buy Youtube likes, views, subscribers, and comments

In addition to likes to videos, other types of expressions of interest of the audience are popular. For example, on our SMM-Heaven resource, you can not only buy likes for YouTube but also purchase:

  • New subscribers to improve channel statistics;
  • Real views;
  • User comments.

Positions can be “live” and bots. Live ones are more in demand since they do not violate the laws of video hosting and do not lead to a ban. Do not try to get cheap views from primitive bots because it will work once, and the entire “audience” will become “dead,” and the channel will stall.

On SMM-Heaven, you can get YouTube likes that will help in blog promotion.

Advantages of buying likes on YouTube

Huge competition makes it impossible to promote a new blog from scratch. Today, bloggers use SMM Panel services and even business accounts for rapid promotion on social networks. There are many practical advantages of buying likes on YouTube:

  • The interest of the audience of the social network YouTube;
  • Increasing the level of audience trust;
  • Positive perception of the video;
  • Increasing the number of views;
  • An impulse to promote YouTube.

The presence of 1000 likes in the video will make real Youtube users pay attention to the video, which has already attracted many. All this will have a positive impact on the development of the blog.

Are there any disadvantages to buying YouTube views and likes?

Sometimes buying likes on YouTube for money can lead to negative consequences for the channel. Many novice bloggers want to take off to the top quickly and gain likes on YouTube by any means, which leads to a ban and an untimely account blocking.

We recommend not rushing and hoping that using YouTube SMM Panel is the only way to promote a blog. The quality of the content should be on top, then the purchased likes on YouTube will trigger, and a live audience will come. If you do not invest in content, then be prepared that buying likes on Youtube will not bring the desired effect. 

Disadvantages of buying cheap YouTube likes:

  • One-time success;
  • The need to buy likes for each new video;
  • There is no way to track the actions of real users.

Buying likes on YouTube is a great start to promoting the channel and videos, but you must create exciting content to attract live Youtube likes.

What other promotion factors should I pay attention to?

Promoting a Youtube channel depends not only on the number of likes under the video. Views and subscribers are equally important. The task of “thumbs up” is to attract the audience’s attention to potentially fascinating content and to throw the video into the search and recommendations.

It is important to remember that there are no likes without views. Before you buy likes on YouTube, consider the proportional purchase of views. At the same time, please note that there are always 3-4 times more views. The Youtube administration will pay attention to you if it is the other way around.

Subscribers are another factor. At the same time, their number should correspond to likes and views. The channel will arouse suspicion if it turns out that there are subscribers but there is no activity.

Don’t forget about dislikes. Even the sweetest, most beautiful, and kind videos have several dozen or even hundreds of dislikes. You should have the same if you want to simulate real activity on the channel.

Other ways to order the promotion of your channel and get likes

Buying likes on YouTube is one of many ways to promote a channel. You can do without financial investments, but this path requires enormous efforts and colossal time costs. Today, YouTube promotion can be either independent and free or paid and trusted to specialized online services and programs. Let’s analyze both methods:

Independent promotion of the channel:

  • Mutual;
  • Appeals to friends and acquaintances;
  • Ordering advertising from bloggers of similar subjects (for a fee or in exchange for a similar service);
  • The use of hashtags, the correct compilation of descriptions under the video with the occurrence of keywords;
  • Posting active links on forums, in communities, and discussions in social networks;
  • Advertising in other social networks.

All these actions require a lot of time and rest on financial investments.

Paid methods:

  • Special mass laying programs;
  • SMM agencies and services provide an opportunity for comprehensive promotion.

Today, buying Youtube likes in a particular service is a guarantee that everything will go quickly and will not arouse suspicion from the site administration. Different from independent methods, you do not need to spend a lot of time and money because promoting an account from scratch is enough to simulate a small activity, which will be very budgetary in finance.

Rules for buying likes on YouTube channel

You need likes, subscribers, and views to attract an accurate target audience. But it’s not enough to buy them. It’s essential to make them work. It would be best if you kept a balance between likes-views-subscribers so as not to arouse suspicion of the administration of the social network.

Beginners are terrified of being banned, so they are afraid to use YouTube SMM Panel or try to promote a video blog by any free means. Unfortunately, their effectiveness often only corresponds to the time spent.

The best option is to start buying YouTube likes and views with a small amount and then analyze how they will affect the promotion of the channel. If there is activity, then everything goes as it should. And if everything is the same, then something needs to be strengthened: check the promotion of likes on YouTube or other indicators and work on the content.

It would be best if you did not buy tens of thousands of likes at once, which will instantly attract the attention of the administration. Limit yourself to a few hundred, which will not affect your video ranking in the search.

Advantages of our YouTube SMM Panel

If you want to promote your YouTube channel quickly and inexpensively, we invite you to use the SMM-Heaven service. Our advantages:

  • High-quality Youtube likes from real people;
  • Gradual delivery (1-3 days) to simulate natural activity;
  • Other services (buy YouTube subscribers, views, comments under the video);
  • Non-drop likes;
  • A lot of tariffs and low prices.

SMM-Heaven service is 100% secure and guarantees excellent results.

How do I place an order in the SMM-Heaven service?

To place an order, follow the simple instructions:

  • Choose a package that reflects your needs at the moment.
  • Sign-up in order to use our services.
  • Add funds with the most comfortable method for you.
  • Pay for the order, and expect activity under the video.

With SMM-Heaven, you can get likes on YouTube quickly, reliably, and inexpensively!

Frequently Asked Questions

1 How to buy likes on YouTube?

Check the pricing table below the page, choose the suitable option for you and click "Buy Now".

2 Can you buy YouTube likes?

Yes! With excellent services of SMM-Heaven you can buy YouTube likes cheap and get more popular.

3 Can you get banned for buying YouTube likes?

Completely no. YouTube wouldn't ban you for this.

4 Is buying YouTube likes safe?

Sure, buying YouTube likes is completely safe for your account and you. All your transactions are completely safe on SMM-Heaven website.

5 Where to buy YouTube likes?

Choose SMM-Heaven, cheapest SMM Panel for individuals and ressellers!


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